Saturday, 29 October 2011

Last Dragon Standing Press Release

You may remember that I interviewed Jean-Francois Roy and Sebastien Duval, the two founders of Werewolf Montreal, to find out more about their upcoming game, Last Dragon StandingThe guys have now sent out a press released, confirming that Last Dragon Standing is now available to download for a mere 80 points on the Xbox Live Indie marketplace from the 1st November 2011. 

Last Dragon Standing is a reinvention of the classic retro game, Pong,which focuses on a rather frantic, but strategic, multiplayer experience. 

Here is the press release:

2011 Montreal, October 28th 2011 - Werewolf Montreal, a team of game developers from Quebec, Canada, announced today the release of their first console title, a next-generation multiplayer Breakout-style arcade game that will forever change the way we think about Pong and Dragons.  Indeed, Last Dragon Standing!, the Dream.Build.Play semi-finalist heir to these gaming classics, will be unleashed on Xbox Live Indie Games on November 1st 2011 and will set your ‘360s ablaze! 
The game features an epic storyline and high fantasy graphics, with a dramatic and sophisticated original score.  The players take the role of Dragon champions in a fully multiplayer hot seat campaign mode.  As one of the four Dragon Princes, they seek to put their rivals off course by destroying their eggs, while winning power-ups by burning human hamlets.  After a while, they can even purchase offensive and defensive upgrades, using the spoils of war!  Ultimately, one must become the Last Dragon Standing...
 Players are first introduced to the Dragon God, an elder and powerful being who challenges them to reclaim Dragon World from the human settlers.  The Trial mode has them compete and wreak havoc over two hamlets of the world map, Spitfire Island and Gosier Port.  Players who purchase the game will be able, for a mere 80 Microsoft Points, to unlock the full Campaign mode, new power-ups and upgrades as well as the Quick Play mode, where they can select individual hamlets of Dragon World for battle. 
 We hope to provide players with this high quality experience at one ridiculous price, only on XBLIG! 

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