Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Best of Mario Paint Composer

I have fond memories of playing Mario Paint when I was a child, but I never had the patience to actually make any recognisable songs on the music composer mini-game. However, it looks like there are plenty of people out there who have got that patience. 

I've trawled YouTube to find a few that impressed me the most, which you will see below. If you wish to become a Mario Paint virtuoso yourself, then feel free to download the Mario Paint Composer. Enjoy!

Above: Gerudo Valley-It's a favourite with the vast majority of Zelda fans, and this YouTuber has done this theme justice. 

Above: Beach Boys-I Get Around-This Beach Boys hit is a pretty happy song on it's own, but add in the silly sound effects from Mario Paint, and it's hard not to listen to it without smiling (especially for me when the cat sound is played!). 

Above: Lipps Inc-Funky Town-The abundance of cats definitely makes this song. Be prepared to chuckle!

Above: Foo Fighters-The Pretender-I had to include a song from my favourite band, Foo Fighters. Thankfully there were a few which sounded pretty much like the Foo's, but this one was the most impressive. Two pieces playing at once. It must have taken ages to make this!

Above: Evolution of Video Games Epic Medley-This video combines a total of 22 themes from popular games from the past to the present. Largely devoted to Nintendo games, this video presents a range of excellent covers, such as the Kirby theme for instance. Give it a listen, it's epic. 

Above: Nyan Cat-If you're familiar with internet memes, then you should be aware of Nyan Cat by now. This Mario Paint version sounds so much like it. Oh, and of course the cats are fitting. Enjoy, meme lovers. 

Above: Queen-Don't Stop Me Now-It's hard to dislike this Queen song, and thankfully this YouTuber has managed to re-create it, Mario style. Great!

Have you created a Mario Paint song, or do you know of any that should have made it into the list? Leave your comments below!

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