Sunday, 6 November 2011

Falling Out of Love with The Sims Social

My original review of The Sims Social when it was first released was a genuinely positive one. Before the bugs set in, I actually enjoyed this game, like I have enjoyed the previous Sims games before it. Boy, was I wrong.
Going back to The Sims Social today for the first time in a few weeks, I realised why I had given the game a long break in the first place. Simply put, it's pretty awful. Being a higher level only hinders your enjoyment of the game, as the glitches, bugs, and lagging is increased.

The Sims Social, like Farmville and Cityville before it, has irritated me. Constantly, notices flash up on the screen urging you to part with your money to buy a ridiculously priced in-game item (and not even in-game simoleons this time). Quests often cannot be completed unless you spam your wall with pleas to your friends. If a friend doesn't send you an item, then you cannot move on. And this is where I am having trouble at the moment...
It appears that everyone on my friends list who was playing The Sims Social has given up on playing it. Why exactly? Well I asked a few of my friends, and again, it's simple. The unforgivable lagging, bugs and glitches. Sometimes items friends have managed to send you cannot be opened, and I find a lot of the time requests I have sent to friends never reach them. 

Another problem lies in the mood system. Those who have played previous titles in The Sims series will know that a Sim's mood must constantly be in the green to be happy. The Sims Social adopts this, which is a crucial part of the Sims experience, but, alas, it suffers from yet one of the many glitches that plague the game. For instance, I load up The Sims Social to attend to a few of the quests, and satisfy my Sims mood. After a few minutes of my Sim frantically making food, sleeping, using the bathroom and so on, she's happy once again. I then click on a neighbour to interact with them, and the damn mood bar has only gone and reset itself back to the critical red stage. Now my Sim is going insane, and will not interact with the neighbour, or do any of the tasks I require them to do until I top up their mood once again. And so, this endless cycle of topping up the critical meter begins. Can you see why it's rather impossible for me to actually do anything in this game now?
Perhaps the main reason for my decline in interest in this game is the lagging frame-rate issues. Within a minute or two of loading up the game, I notice that hardly any of my house and it's items are loading. Everything remains invisible, with the annoying loading circle spinning around in it's place. The developers have a constant desire to add in brand new items which you have to spend with real cash, which is alright for those who like to spend their money in that way, but it's annoying for those of us who don't. So much of it is released at the same time that it only adds to a greater amount of frame-rate issues. The shop section of the game is pretty much unusable most of the time due to the inability to load any of the items. In short, it's one horribly frustrating experience. I've been stuck at level 18 for months now due to my inability to complete quests or raise my skill points. 

The sad thing is, if things were polished up a little, this would actually be a much more enjoyable game once again, and then I would feel like my old review is justified. Until then, I'm going to allow this game to gather a little dust. 

Feel free to read my much more positive, older review by clicking here


  1. Wow. Your genuine write-up is admirable, but some of those criticisms make me outright cringe. Oh Sims. How far you, perhaps, have fallen.

  2. I loved the game at first (as you can see from my original review), but it's got so shoddy. Way too many bugs to make this an enjoyable game. It's a real shame. :(



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