Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gearbox Honour Fan Who Passes Away

What do you do to honour the memory of a deceased gaming buddy? Get in touch with good 'ol Gearbox of course.

When Borderlands fan Michael John Mamaril sadly passed away at the age of 22, his friend Carlo wanted to somehow pay tribute to his dear friend. Knowing how much he enjoyed Borderlands, Carlo contacted Gearbox to see if they could pay tribute to Michael in Borderlands fashion. 

Honouring Carlo's request, they put out a eulogy using the game's happy service robot Claptrap, and have rendered Michael John Mamaril as an NPC in Borderlands 2. This is definitely one of the most touching and generous acts of fan appreciation ever.

You can listen to the eulogy here on Destructoid.


  1. Think you meant 'deceased', not 'diseased'.

    What a lovely gesture by Gearbox, got to admit welling up a little while listening to the eulogy.

  2. Woops, simple spelling error. My mistake! Thanks for pointing it out. :)


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