Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hands On: Rayman Origins (Xbox 360)

A demo for Rayman Origins has landed on the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network just ahead of it's 15th November release date. Having played the original Rayman games (which, if I am being honest, I was terrible at), I decided to download the demo on the Xbox 360 to see what this upcoming game has to offer.

Before I continue, I must confess that for some reason, it appears that I am awful at Rayman Origins also, but this did not dampen my enjoyment of the demo, which I went on to complete, after several deaths of course. The demo can be completed either alone, or with up to three other players. The game adopts a drop in-drop out formula, so all four players do not have to be tied into a level for it's entirety if they do not have the time to play it through. 

In the demo, you will play three of the 60 levels in the game, which demonstrate the usual Rayman gameplay, as well as some excellent visual treats. The demo levels comprise of a jungle themed area, a food world, and one ocean world level. Rayman Origins features some bright, vibrant and rather gorgeous 2D visuals, which look brilliant in HD. The game retains the old-school side-scrolling platform format of the previous games in the series, and the Rayman feel is thankfully, still here. The demo is definitely a lot more enjoyable when played through with a friend. The demo was quite a tricky one at points, and having a friend jump in on the action helps make these tricky moments a tiny bit easier to deal with. 

I found it impossible to play through this demo of Rayman Origins without a smile on my face. Not only did the gameplay make me hark back when I was jumping, gliding (and dying) through a variety of levels in the Playstation One Rayman days, but the cheerful 2D visuals and charming music also helped with this. 

Reviews of Rayman Origins have been excellent so far, and the demo promises a highly enjoyable multi-player experience when the full game is released in under a weeks time. Grab the demo now and see what you think. 

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