Saturday, 19 November 2011

Retro Review: Mario Paint

Released in 1992 on the SNESMario Paint was the first Nintendo title to use the SNES mouse peripheral. 
What makes Mario Paint so memorable is the wide variety of mini-games on offer. These include a colouring book style section where players can choose from a number of Mario themed pictures and colour them however they wish. Another features a stamp maker, where players can create their own pixel-by-pixel stamps to use during the drawing sections of Mario Paint.

Mario Paint also allowed players to create their own brief looping animations, which could be set to music. The mini-game that I recall playing the most is the fly-swatting game called Coffee Break. It is a fast-paced action game that sees the player taking the role of a gloved hand holding a flyswatter. Using the mouse, players must swat the flies on the screen with the flyswatter for three levels until they reach the boss. Beat the boss, and you go straight back to level one again, and can continually play this game in a loop until you've tired of it. 

I have fond memories of creating songs on the Mario Paint Composer section of the game. I remember thinking I'd created some great little numbers, but being 5 years old at the time, it is highly unlikely that this was the case. Those wishing to recreate the masterpieces they mixed up back in 1992 may do so by downloading the Mario Paint Composer by UFun Games. Time and patience is needed if you actually want to make something even half decent though. You've been warned!

Not only were the mini-games full of click-able sections, the title screen was too. Click each letter in the "Mario Paint" logo, and you'll experience a brief animation that ranges from changing the title music, Yoshi sprinting past, Mario shrinking to his "before mushroom" form, and more. If you have quick enough reflexes, you can even click the falling star which whizzes past the screen. If you do this, a long and rather fun animation appears (I'm not going to spoil it for those who are intrigued enough to try it themselves). I remember the satisfaction of finally managing to do this!

Overall, Mario Paint is a great addition to the ever-expanding Mario series. Whilst there may not be much to it, the mini-games are light-hearted fun. Also, Mario Paint paved the way for future games of this nature, such as the WarioWare series. 

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