Monday, 28 November 2011

Review: Burger Queen World

There are plenty of management games available on the iPhone, and even more on the PC. Although several of them are rather similar to one another, they definitely prove to be fun little time wasters-Burger Queen World being one of them.
For me,  Burger Queen World reminds me of a great Mochi Game called Papa's Burgeria. The aim of the game was to complete customer orders in the quickest time possible in order to keep the business plain sailing. Of course, the game becomes increasingly more difficult as the levels progress, and much like games such as Diner Dash, you're frantically racing to complete more an d more complex orders before the time is up.

Burger Queen World works in exactly the same way. In the game, you're running a fast food shop called Burger K, and each day you are tasked with completing customer orders and quickly and accurately as you can. Customers who walk away satisfied will tip generously, so the aim is to collect as many tips as possible before the day is up. 
Customers orders can be completed by quickly tapping out the various ingredients to make up the burger, and then clicking on the corresponding customer once their order is completed. At the beginning, this is all very simple. Most customers will only be requiring small burgers which can be prepared within seconds, but the later levels definitely provide a much bigger challenge.

As the levels progress, more and more food items are introduced, including different flavours of ice-cream, onion rings, chips, and soft drinks. You'll also notice that the burgers have become more complex, and take a little deliberating over instead of the speedy tapping that the beginner burgers allowed. This is where the game becomes much more frantic, enjoyable and addictive. As the store gets busier, you are required to juggle more orders at the same time. This means that players must keep on top of pre-made supplies. It's handy to keep a constant supply of chips and onion rings cooking and soft drinks pouring, as well as store a few ice-creams in each of the provided flavours, as customers patience wear thin incredibly quick when the games difficulty has been upped. 

Burger Queen World encourages you to manage your time effectively in order to succeed in each level, and the addictiveness actually comes in all of this constant preparation. As for it's negatives, thankfully, there is not many to point out. However, Burger Queen World isn't providing something new to the iPod audience. It's a formula that has been done over and over again in games just as good as this, so those requiring something a little refreshing will not find it here. The addictiveness is an excellent part of the game, but be warned, frantically tapping the screen throughout these levels does leave you with a bit of a sore finger. I found that short bursts of Burger Queen World were much more enjoyable than playing on it for long periods of time. The last slight criticism is that the story (well, the little amount of it included anyway) isn't translated well into English, which may seem a bit off putting for some. 

All in all, Burger Queen World is a great little time waster that is surprisingly addictive and fun. The difficulty curve may seem a bit steep for those with slower reflexes, but it's the sense of an increasing challenge that makes this re-playable time after time. 

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