Sunday, 6 November 2011

Want To Help Me Out?

Wondering why I have a donation button stuck on the sidebar of this blog now? Well, this is the reason-I want to fund myself through a Journalism Diploma.

I've wanted to do something like this for ages now, but money has always hindered me from pursuing it. I am currently in a part-time job that pays be awfully, but I will be applying for this when January 2012 rolls around regardless.

This is where you, my readers, come in. I have linked a donation button to my Paypal account, where all donations will go towards funding me through this course.

Encase any of you are skeptical about where your money (if you choose to donate) will be going, it'll be towards the British College of Journalism "Professional Freelance Journalism" diploma. The course is £395 in total, which I need to gather together somehow. 

It is a 6 to 12 month course which will not only improve my journalistic writing, but get one (or more) of my assignments published at the end. I shall also be placed on a Freelance Journalism register, gain a media/press pass for use at a variety of functions, and hopefully, on top of all this, a step in the right direction in my chosen career path.

I looked into it, and it's a valid diploma. No internet scamming or anything. 

I absolutely love writing my blog, 8-Bit Girl, and I will continue this throughout the diploma, and afterwards. The aim is to get the diploma to benefit my blog in whatever way it allows me to. Also, having a diploma as well as my trusty degree will sound pretty cool, huh? :)

Anyway. If you wish to be kind enough to donate towards this ambition, then please, by all means click the "DONATE" button at the right hand side of 8-Bit Girl. If for whatever reason it is not present when you wish to use it, you can click this link instead

I'll even give every donator a follow on my Twitter page, and a mention if they so wish! (send me an email with your Twitter name/link etc if so).

I thank everyone for helping me out towards paying for this. It'll mean the world to me.

Thank you,

Kayleigh Powis
8-Bit Girl

P.S. Please retweet this on Twitter, spread it around on your blog, Facebook, whatever. It'll be the best Christmas present ever if I manage to raise enough to reach my January goal!

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