Monday, 14 November 2011

Yesterday's Gamer Magazine

Fancy reading an excellent (and free!) PDF gaming magazine? Well, here's one. Writer Joshua Croft (@DoDonJoshua) has put together a 46 page magazine entitled "Yesterday's Gamer." 
Devoted to features and reviews of older games, Yesterday's Gamer spreads across a variety of systems, such as the Sega Megadrive, Nintendo 64 and the Playstation. It's clear that Joshua has put in a huge amount of effort to produce this magazine. The articles are largely informative and well written, and cover an interesting array of games. My personal highlight was reading the Ape  Escape review. It was a game that I have fond memories of playing through when myself and my brother were kids. Joshua highlights his love of the game, as well as it's importance (it was the first game to be bundled with Playstation's dual-shock controller-something that seemed to become a standard in most games from this console afterwards). 

You can download the first copy of Yesterday's Gamer here. As I previously mentioned, it's completely free, although there is a Paypal donation pool if you wish to donate towards the time, cost and effort involved in making this. 

Joshua has no plans to release a second issue as of yet, but perhaps he will sometime in the future. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy this copy if you choose to download it. 

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