Sunday, 11 December 2011

Boss Battles Charity Event


Boss Battles Charity Video Game Marathon for Child’s Play
December 16th, is having their second annual gaming marathon charity for Child’s Play.  Rob and Jake will be playing video games, preforming challenges, drinkin’ dranks, and giving away prizes!  All the action can be viewed live on their UStream. Checkpoints will be set up where events will trigger and prizes will be won when donations (or other goals) are reached.  All donations raised will go straight to Child’s Play.  The goal for this year is to raise $10,000. 
The Drunken Moogle has made eight brand new drinks, with themes from Minecraft and Castle Crashers, which will debut during the marathon. 
Dirt Block (Minecraft)
Cake (Minecraft)
Enderman (Minecraft)
Red Knight (Castle Crashers)
Orange Knight (Castle Crashers)
Green Knight (Castle Crashers)
Blue Knight (Castle Crashers) cocktail (pictured above)
Rob and Jake from BB will be joined by some special guests, such as OmniGriffey, the Mass Effect Marathon team, and Liquid’ Sheth.  Games played will include Minecraft, Castle Crashers, Mario Party 2, Contra III, Toejam and Earl, Starcraft II and more!
So come and hang out for a bit! Donate, play games, talk with the team, watch fun challenges and win cool prizes!  The weekend will be tons of fun. 
Boss Battles Video Game Charity Marathon - Dec 16th (12p.m.) - 18th (12p.m.)
Boss Battles / Facebook / Twitter will be hosting their second annual gaming marathon on the 16th December, with all proceeds raised going towards gaming charity Child's Play will be hosting their second annual gaming marathon, where all proceeds raised will be going to gaming charity Child's Play. The guys will be performing challenges, drinking plenty of gaming related beverages, playing video games, and giving away prizes.
The marathon can be viewed live from their UStream on the 16th from their website. The goal for this year is to raise $10,000, and checkpoints will be set up at regular intervals along the way in which Rob and Jake of Boss Battles will complete their challenges, and trigger competitions and other events. 

Alcoholic games beverage website The Drunken Moogle have created eight new drinks, which feature games such as Castle Crashers and Minecraft which will d├ębut during the marathon. The drinks that will be presented are:

  • Dirt Block (Minecraft)
  • Cake (Minecraft)
  • Enderman (Minecraft)
  • Red Knight (Castle Crashers)
  • Orange Knight (Castle Crashers)
  • Green Knight (Castle Crashers)
  • Blue Knight (Castle Crashers)
  • Cocktail
Games played throughout the marathon include Minecraft, Contra III, Toejam and Earl, Starcraft II, Mario Party 2, Castle Crashers and many more. They'll also be joined by a few special guests. 

Check out the site for more details!

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