Saturday, 3 December 2011

Brentalfloss Q and A

One of the highlights of the London Gaming Con this Saturday was the appearance of YouTube gamer Brentalfloss. For those who do not know, Brentalfloss puts lyrics to a host of video game tunes, ranging from Mega Man to Zelda, Ducktails, and much more.

For his first appearance of the weekend, Brentalfloss spent an hour on the upstairs stage answering fans questions, and generally wise-cracking. 

The Q&A was introduced by a guy in a Mario fat-suit. Straight away Brentalfloss brought to the audiences attention that Mario's stomach was "looking like a buttocks", something I'd noticed (and chuckled at) when I first arrived at the main stage area. The front creases were definitely in the wrong place, that's for sure. 
The "buttocks" joke isn't really seen in this picture I took, but nevertheless, there they are!
And so, the question time began. Brentalfloss introduced fans up to the stage one by one to ask his questions, some of which I managed to quickly jot down. The others made it onto a video I recorded of the Q&A. Unfortunately though, it seems that Windows Movie Maker is trying to make things difficult for me, and keeps insisting on the files being corrupted (they work fine on by Blackberry, and on VLC), so I shall annotate a few of the best questions below.

The first question was a simple one-"How was your flight?"

Brentalfloss replied saying that it was great, although he did not manage to get a lot of sleep, due to two children crying hysterically throughout the flight. One of which was adamantly refusing to allow his father to put the seatbelt on him, thus the crying began. 

"Have you ever thought of singing to any non Nintendo related games?"

Brentalfloss: "Usually when I do a song, it's from a game I've played. Most are from the Nintendo consoles, but eventually Sega is on the cards." He also talked about how he sang along to a track in Castlevania, as the plot line for the game was "hilarious".

The next fan asked how he managed to collaborate with various other people, such as Underbelly. Brentalfloss replied stating that they were all an "underground unit", which he jokingly mentioned sitting around a large table-Brentalfloss at the head of it-and established ideas. After joking around a bit, he eventually stated that he was approached by Underbelly, and they agreed to meet at the Comic Con in America. The rest of it went from there.

"What song would you redo if you had an unlimited budget?"

Brentalfloss mentioned that he would rather do a sequel, one of which he has recorded as part of Brentalfloss' 12 Days of Brentmas, which will be published this coming Thursday. The audience was treated to an exclusive live performance of Brentalfloss performing his newest track, a sequel to his first Ducktails song, Ducktails-the Amazon. This was one of the most enjoyable segments of the Q&A, as he had so much energy, and the song was actually pretty funny-if you're familiar with Ducktails and Scrooge McDuck anyway.

After this, a series of bizarre questions were asked...
"Why do you think pizza is a vegetable?"

Brentalfloss explained to the audience that a government bill was being passed to rule that pizzas count as a vegetable, due to having vegetable toppings. Whilst he agreed this was ridiculous, he did jokingly state that pizza should actually be classed as a fruit, due to all the tomatoes.

Then there was some fascination with porn, which raised quite a lot of laughs...

"If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?"

Brentalfloss: "Porn. Yeah, porn. No, I have three caps-music theatre writing, teaching or "this internet thing" which I called it until the CD came out. I would like to try and get a musical produced whilst teaching."

"What kind of porn?"

Brentalfloss: "Basic hardcore. Artistic erotica. Butthole close-up. 

"What do you think of Japanese anime porn-Hentai?"
Brentalfloss: "Culture reflects the things it wants in art. Manga and Hentai porn have lots of gigantic penises, the maths."

"How do you get your head so god-damn shiny?"

Brentalfloss: "Bowling alleys. We have these things that shine the balls. I use that."

"What's your favourite British phrase?"

Brentalfloss: "I have a few, like "you look like a real dogs breakfast!" or "bobs your uncle." He then quipped that bob's your uncle is used to express that something is finished, and that he should use that in sex.

Amongst the comedic questions, there were plenty of insightful ones thrown this YouTuber's way though, like these:
"What got you into music?"

Brentalfloss: "You know the song by The Temptations called My Girl? (starts singing). I remember it the movie My Girl too. One day I went into my sister's room, and instead of playing with her Barbies...I used her keyboard to single note-play out My Girl. Then I played around on Mario Paint, and self taught on the keyboard."

"What instruments do you play?"

Brentalfloss: "Piano, drums, accordian, guitar, skin-flute...only my own!"

Unfortunately the question asker was a bit of a mumbler, so I didn't catch their question entirely, but they asked Brentalfloss about his interest in acting I do believe.
Brentalfloss: "I looked like Macaulay Culkin during Home Alone when I was a kid. I told my mum I wanted to act, so I took an audition or two."

"What made you decide to make a Mega Man 3 video and put it up on YouTube?"

Brentalfloss: "After graduating from musical theatre, I had a free summer. I created a youth programme in Arizona helping kids with musical theatre, and then I made this Mega Man video. I thought it would be funny and thought nothing would come from it. Really, it came from the love of the song."

"What's your favourite song you have ever made?"

Brentalfloss: "My original would be Matt and Angry, which I made for their wedding and the Super Secret EP which is not so secret anymore! Anyway, Google Super Secret EP and you'll find it.

Erm, pre-existing...Mega Man 3 with lyrics."

"I'm studying musical theatre. Can you give some advice?"

Brentalfloss gave a long speech about following your dreams, and not giving up, whatever your ambition may be. He quickly followed with a wisecrack about needing a "dick or fart joke", as that's his humour.

"Will you be coming back?"

Brentalfloss: When Anime League wants me back, yes. Currently I am at the mercy of any organisation that wants to send me, so as soon as I can."

"You've made YouTube videos, and you've got a comic-what's next?"

Brentalfloss: "I've got a new album coming out, and more videos." He also mentioned that he does not see the idea of Brentalfloss and the "video game songs...with lyrics" theme continuing forever, as "there are only so many songs you can put lyrics to." He hopes it'll lead him onto something new in the long run though. 

So all in all, the Q&A with Brentalfloss was an often hilarious experience, with a variety of serious, interesting and down-right bizarre questions being answered. 
Brentalfloss hosted the Pub Quiz with Dragonball Abridged's Lawrence Simpson.
After the Q&A ended, Brentalfloss appeared at the London Comic Con as one of the hosts of the Pub Quiz, and held a one hour live performance from 7pm to 8pm on Saturday evening. He shall be appearing again at tomorrow's convention also. 

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