Monday, 12 December 2011

DooYoo Comp: My Favourite Winter Treat

I love entering a competition or so occasionally, especially if they allow me to enter in a creative form, such as my writing. I have been a member of DooYoo (username MonsoonBaby) for a few years now, and I found out that they were offering a competition for bloggers who post an entry about their favourite winter treat. Of course, this being a gaming blog and all, what do you think mine will be?

My Favourite Winter Treat: Gaming

Let's face it, not everyone like's braving the cold on a daily basis. Whilst snow can be fun, the bitterly cold gusts of wind and the post-snow sludge isn't always that enjoyable to endure. Therefore, winter for me is best when I can cosy up indoors with one of my favourite pastimes-gaming.

Whilst I may swap a bout of gaming for a film and some hot chocolate sometimes, I can always rely on gaming for being much more enjoyable (I have a tendency to watch a dud film or two on occasions-for some reason, I don't really get that with gaming).  

The best way to enjoy a game during the winter is to snuggle up under a blanket. A crochet one is preferable, then you can stick your fingers through the holes to use the controller. I presently call this my "Skyrim blanket", due to my perhaps unhealthy addiction with Bethesda's latest epic fantasy RPG. Dragonborn or not though, I highly endorse a blanket during your bout of gaming!

A hot beverage is also needed, and my drinks of choice are either a cup of tea (another unhealthy addiction), or a hot chocolate. Oh, and add in some snacks on the side. Biscuits always go amazingly with a hot drink, but make sure you get the right amount of dipping out of them. Peter Kay highlights that perfectly...

The great thing about declaring gaming as my favourite winter treat is that it is not a lonely experience for the most part. Yes, I say this after admitting that I'm currently addicted to slaying dragons and the like in Skyrim (although I could do without the over-used "arrow to the knee" meme right now), but it's also a great opportunity to get a bunch of friends around for a night in of sociable, and damn right fun, gaming. Party games are always a great addition to nights like this, as well as a drink or two. Gaming related cocktails from The Drunken Moogle (or perhaps some of your own creations, like myself and my FiancĂ© indulged in recently) would be fitting right about now. As the night goes on and the cocktails start to stack up, you may notice that your friends are more inclined to sing on "More Than a Feeling" (albeit rather badly) on Rockband. Boston, eat your heart out. 

If you'd rather steer away from a full house though, a gaming night in the winter is a perfect excuse to spend some time with a loved one. Pick a game you both love, snuggle up under your blanket-crochet remember-and forget about the chilly weather outside. 

Christmas is definitely on it's way now, and the holiday season brings plenty of great game releases, so for me at least, there will be plenty of opportunities to wrap up in my blanket, sip my large mug of hot chocolate and nibble on a custard cream biscuit (the best biscuits ever, may I add), whilst indulging in my favourite past-time: gaming. 

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