Saturday, 3 December 2011

London Gaming Con: Cosplay Masquerade.

The London Gaming Con came to The Rocket Complex this weekend, which I attended for today. There were a few Q&A's, live performances, panels, freeplay set-ups and stalls to peruse. However, it appears that a convention is not complete nowadays without a nod towards the cosplay culture, and the London Gaming Con slotted in a few cosplay events, including the one I caught, the Cosplay Masquerade.

The Cosplay Masquerade allowed cosplayers to come up on stage and present to the audience their outfits. Unlike a much larger convention like the London MCM Expo, the cosplay in this one was pretty scarce, but a handful of costumed gaming fans sauntered up onto the stage and paraded their outfits nevertheless.
If I am being honest, I did not know who many of them were supposed to be cosplaying as (I'm assuming many were of anime's I have never watched), but there was also a great John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four) and Toadette (Super Mario). There was also a rather bizarre human version of Portal's GlaDOS, which I doubt I would have picked up on if she had not mentioned who she was meant to be.

The audience were encouraged to vote on their favourite costume by cheering when the presenter (the costumed Mario once again) pointed to them with his microphone. The costume that generated the loudest cheer was declared the winner. At the end of the parade and vote, it was decided that the guy dressed as John Marston gained the most cheers, so he won the title of best cosplayer at the London Gaming Con. It's great that a gaming related costume won this, so congratulations!
The London Gaming Con will be returning at some point next year, in what I hope would be a much bigger venue with a larger variety of things to take part in (the space really limited what could be presented unfortunately). Maybe this will also get the cosplayers flocking in larger numbers, if you're into that kind of thing.

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