Friday, 30 December 2011

Man Spends $16,000 on an item for a game that has yet to be released.

To mark the launch of the highly anticipated martial-arts game Age of Wulin, Snail Games, the software developers, held an online auction in which fans could bid for exclusive items. Age Of Wulin is set in medieval China, and is tells the story of martial arts, and those who practised it at the time. Players will get to interact with one another online in a roleplay gaming environment, and they will have the option to undertake quests either alone or with other online players. 

One fan bought a virtual sword for a whopping $16,000, which is the only one of it's kind. He can now use it when the game gets a release in mainland China sometime soon. Other items auctioned off included a sheath for Hook of Departure, a Lordly Super Sheath and some pre-paid time cards. 

It appears that an English version of Age of Wulin is expected to be released as a closed beta during the Spring of 2012. 

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