Sunday, 4 December 2011

NeverDead Coming January 2012

NeverDead has been previewed at various gaming events but Konami has held off on letting players know when they will be able to get hold of it.  They have now announced that the game will be released next January and have stated that there will be post-launch DLC, like so many other games these days.

The protagonist, named Bryce is an immortal who finds employment as a demon killer, protecting the world from evil.  Whilst our hero cannot die, the demons still try their hardest to kill him, tearing him literally into pieces.   This dismemberment is where the games main mechanics lie, you can use your torn off limbs to bludgeon enemies or leave your body parts as bait to lure them into traps.  

Once the fight is over, you can reattach your severed limbs and failing that you can escape combat as a rolling severed head.

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