Monday, 12 December 2011

New Duke Nukem Forever DLC On It's Way

Duke Nukem Forever may have not been the hit that Gearbox and 2K were anticipating, but it appears that they have life left in this title yet. A new set of DLC is planned, which allows for additional single player campaign content, and new maps for the multi-player modes.

The DLC is entitled "The Doctor Who Cloned Me", and is set for a release on the Xbox 360 Marketplace and PSN at some point this week. The single player section of the DLC is set in the mysterious desert alien base, Area 51, where a doctor by the name of Dr. Proton  is contemplating an evil plan. Area 51 will pitch Duke against aliens, clones, robots and more as he once again has to save the world. 

The DLC also brings new weapons, enemy types and bosses, and a few new achievements/trophies. 

Three new multi-player maps are included to add a bit more variety to the online gameplay. These are the offices of Pooty Inc. (complete with aliens), an EDF command centre, and the Breston Nuclear Power Plant.

Duke Nukem Forever's "The Doctor Who Cloned Me" is estimated for a release later on this week. It shall be available for an estimated price of 800 Microsoft Points, and about $9.99 (about £6.40) on the Playstation Network have a great selection of screen-caps to browse through, but here is one of them:

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