Saturday, 3 December 2011

PS3 Attitude at London Gaming Con

The opening of the London Gaming Con was hosted by a member of the Anime League dressed as Mario. Whilst the intro was slightly awkward he did his job well, managing to pull a few laughs from the audience. This was aided by his rather dodgy outfit that made his fat suits stomach look more like a front bottom. After his initial chat and a quick presentation of what was to come, he introduced the head of PS3 Attitude to the stage.

DolphGB quickly introduced himself and got straight to the point. Dolph is set to tackle the toughest 10k obstacle course in the country, thanks to Mens Health. However he is not doing this just for himself, as all of the money that he raises will go to charity.

So far PS3 Attitude have raised just over £300 for GamesAid childrens charity, their charity of choice. Deciding that this was not enough, the good people at PS3 Attitude have secured a huge amount of donated prizes from various companies.

So far they have gathered up T-Shirts, games, figures, plush toys, posters and vouchers for game downloads.

For a chance to win some of these amazing goodies go to DolpGB's donation page and make a donation of at least £5. Be sure to leave your full name so they know who to contact. For every £5 you donate you will secure yourself a single entry into the competition, therefore the more money you put in the more prizes you stand a chance of receiving.

On the 16th of December no more donations will be taken and the PS3 Attitude Team will randomly draw names from a hat. There is a maximum of two prizes per entrant to try and keep it a balanced competition.

The contest is open to all as long as they can ship from the US or the UK.
I know I will be entering, as  with over 70 prizes up for grabs, the chances of winning something are nice and high. Plus, even if you don't win, it is all for a good cause.

For more info visit PS3 Attitude and GamesAid

A Guest Post by Lewis Terry

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