Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Risen 2: Dark Waters Gets a April 2012 Release

Ahoy there me hearties! Deep Silver and Piranha Bites announced today that Risen 2: Dark Waters will be released in April 2012. 

This RPG focuses on pirates, so expect plenty of eye-patches, rum, pirate talk, etc. Players will also get to control a monkey, and use a variety of brand new attacks that were not seen in the previous game, such as throwing dirt in an opponent's face to distract them. 

Let's hope that Risen 2: Dark Waters improves on the promising but flawed disappointing Risen. The addition of pirates and a controllable monkey already hightens my expectations a little.

Risen 2: Dark Waters will gain a European release on the 27th April 2012, and North America should be able to pick this up from the 24th April 2012. 

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