Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announced

There were plenty of announcements at the Spike VGA's, and Namco Bandai's was Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Not much information was released at the event, but the games developers did reveal that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is set for a released sometime a the end of 2012. The planned consoles for this title's release have also not been confirmed yet, but no doubt an announcement will follow shortly. Namco Bandai released a new clip for this upcoming Tekken title, which focused on a fight between Asuka and Lili vs. Kazuya and Bryan. 

Fighting fans should also expect two more titles to add to the list of upcoming Namco Bandai titles. Soulcalibur V is scheduled for a February 2012 release, and Street Fighter X Tekken is due in March 2012. 

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