Monday, 5 December 2011

Very Real Pikachu's?

Just when you thought Japan couldn't produce anything weirder, look again. In November 2006,Chim Pom took to the streets during a rat crisis in Tokyo.  The rats themselves were called super rats because they were "impossible to get rid of", immune to man made rat poison and not afraid of people.

So the group then decided to transform these super rats into another well known super-rat.

Chim Pom explain their process in the documentary Palladium Shoes:

"In Japan there is a Japanese character called Pikachu that is also a rat.  We taxidermied that rats that we found in centre-gai and made them into the character Pikachu...making them into yellow rats."

"The world already has begun to change and we are trying to play a role in that."

"We're just trying to reflect the times."

> HuffingtonpostChimPom

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