Sunday, 18 December 2011

Win a copy of Gua-Le-Ni!

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by winning a brand new game for nothing!

I recently reviewed and played Gua-Le-Ni, an excellent puzzle style title available to purchase on the iPad. Now I've been given two redeem codes to giveaway to two of my readers, just in time for Christmas. 
For a taster on what to expect, check out the two posts I previously did on the game below:

So, how do you actually get to win a code? Well, it's simple. I've got myself a Twitter for 8-Bit Girl, which is @8_BitGirl. You need to retweet this message (RT)
and FOLLOW my Twitter to enter! You can retweet as many times as you want, but I'll only be counting you once. :)

On the 22nd of December I shall put all the names of the Twitter re-tweeters on one of those randomiser things, and the two that are randomly selected shall win a code each! I shall inform you via Twitter, and direct-message you the code!

So, go do it everyone, and good luck! 

Kayleigh Powis

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