Thursday, 19 January 2012

Darksiders II Dev Diary: Death Details

The development team at Vigil Games have come together in the Darksiders II Dev Diary to reveal some of the details from this upcoming game.

The video features a commentary from Creative Director Joe Madureira, Game Director Marvin Donald, Art Director Han Randhawa, General Manager David Adams, Lead Designer Haydon Dalton and Producer Ryan Stefanelli. It gives us a look at what makes Death a much deeper, interesting and exciting character than War in the previous Darksiders title. Those lending their voices to the commentary also discuss Death's weapons, what the combat is like, and much more.

It appears that Darksiders II is shaping up quite nicely. Check out the video below, and see if you agree. 

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  1. I enjoyed the first Darksiders game - I've been meaning to get a review up forever on it. This does look pretty solid as well.


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