Monday, 9 January 2012

Experience the Agony of the Ancient Greeks

Pippin Barr, the video game researcher and artist, is back. He's built a series of flash games based on the gruesome tales found in Greek mythology. Players will be experiencing the agony of Tantalus, Prometheus and others.

Now, here comes the harsh part.The games involve rapidly pressing two keys to perform a task that they will never succeed, such as Prometheus who writhes in agony as the player desperately tries to shake off an eagle pecking at his liver, or Sisyphus who cannot push a huge boulder up a hill.
There's no way to win or lose this game. In fact, the game regenerates every time your chosen Greek mythology character fails at their task. So, if you wish to keep letting Prometheus have his liver consumed by a hungry eagle, then go for it. So, the only way to end their suffering (and perhaps at this time, yours) is to exit the application altogether, or choose another hero to torture. 

Kotaku originally reported on Barr's first bizarre project back in September, a performance exhibit which simulated ridiculous waiting times in line in real time. 

You can check out Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment here.

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