Saturday, 21 January 2012

Freddie Prinze Jr Lends Voice to Mass Effect 3

Anyone remember Freddie Prinze Jr? It seems like such a long time ago since he was starring in countless teen chick-flicks, or parading on screen in his Fred-from-Scooby Doo guise (although according to his IMDb, he's still present on TV). Well, regardless of all that, now he's back...sort of.

It's been revealed that Prinze Jr is the voice of the new character in Mass Effect 3, James Vega. Vega is included as a character which will help newcomers to the series understand the past events detailed in the previous two games. 

You can check out an excerpt from a Game Trailers TV video below, where Freddie Prinze Jr discusses his character and the Mass Effect series. 

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  1. ME3 should be a good game (regardless of which people they choose/chose to do the voice-overs). At least I hope it's a good game. :)


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