Saturday, 14 January 2012

There Will Be Brawl

There Will Be Brawl is an independent film separated into 10 episodes set in an alternate Nintendo universe.  The story is dark and bleak, imagine Sin-City meets the world of Nintendo.  

The creators Zach Grafton and Matthew Mercer have forged a twisted world in which the Mushroom Kingdom is torn apart by four mafia dons, the "Pocket Monster" Mewtwo, "The Turtle" Bowser, the "Shadow Don" Ganondorf Dragmire and "The Penguin" King Dedede.  These four crime lords are at a stalemate, the police are stretched thin and the trouble is only exacerbated by a cannibalistic serial killer and a rogue mysterious Butcher who is loose on the streets.

As you can tell this is not something for kids and the site has a 17+ rating.  To get a clearer picture of the shows atmosphere. Mario and Luigi are drop-out lowlifes, Peach is declared unfit for office, whilst we later see that Samus is a prostitute, Pit is a Transvestite and Kirby is a cannibalistic freak held in the walls of an asylum.  These are not spoilers as all of this is revealed within the first two episodes.

Despite it's low budget and cheap effects, it is well worth a watch.  It is not for everybody and as I said before highly inappropriate for children.

It can all be viewed for free and the show contains so many guest characters and references to different Nintendo titles that any fan will be intrigued.  

Written by Lewis Terry

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