Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The First Nintendo 3DS DLC Has Been Confirmed

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be the first Nintendo 3DS game to feature paid-for DLC, Nintendo have announced. 

The Final Fantasy rhythm game is currently being released in Japan on the 16th February. Hopefully a western release will follow shortly. Fans will be able to purchase eight extra tracks for 150 Yen each (£1.20) when the game is released. 

The eight tracks are as follows: 
Final Fantasy II Battle Scene 1 (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy IV The Final Battle (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy IX Fighters of the Crystal (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy XIII Fighting Fate (Battle Stage)
Final Fantasy V Hikari wo Motomete (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy VII Cosmo Canyon (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy VIII Ride On (Field Stage)
Final Fantasy X Someday The Dream Will End (Field Stage)

Square Enix are planning to release new songs every two to three weeks for the game. Perhaps this is the sign of things to come for Nintendo, who have previously opposed the inclusion of purchasable downloadable content. How do you all feel about this? 

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