Monday, 27 February 2012

Saints Row The Third Bloodsucker Pack Details

THQ may have only just released 'Gangstas In Space' for Saints Row The Third, but now fans should gear themselves for this weeks next instalment.

The 'Bloodsucker Pack' introduces vampires into the Saints Row universe. Saints Row The Third has already had shambling zombies in the main story, and intergalactic enemies in Gangstas in Space, so now it's time for a bit of bloodsucking action. Thankfully, they're not the shimmering kind either.

This latest DLC may not be as big as Gangstas in Space, but it allows players to suck the blood out of their victims to regain health, access to VIP bonuses for 25% cash boosts, hourly income of $2,500, 20% respect bonuses and the Scavenger ability. 

Check out the trailer below for more details. The Bloodsucker Pack will be released on the 28th February for 160 MS points.

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