Monday, 26 March 2012

GAME Issues Customer Statement

Many GAME and Gamestation stores closed their doors today after the companies administration time officially kicked in. The retailers website has been taken offline, and an estimated 300 of the companies 609 outlets are expected to close before the end of today.

GAME have now posted a message to customers on their Facebook page which highlights some important information regarding gift cards, trade-ins, and much more. I've summarised it below. The same applies for all Gamestation stores also.

  • No refunds or exchanges until further notice.
  • Those who have paid a deposit for a pre-order will now have lost their money.
  • The use of GAME Reward Cards has now been suspended.
  • GAME Gift Cards AND GAMEwallet accounts have now been suspended.
  • Pre-owned hardward trade-ins have been suspended.
  • Software can be traded in for reward points, or to exchange for another item. No cash trade-ins are being accepted.
  • The "click and collect" service has been suspended.
Whilst many find this a little unfair (I know some of you have a lot of money left on your gift cards, and some of you may have lost out on quite a lot of money. Personally I've lost £75 in all of this), but we should also spare a thought for all those members of staff who have lost their jobs today. 

For those wondering what stores are closing, hopefully GAME will provide us with more information soon. 


  1. Wow... lose-lose situation all of the way around. I can see both sides of it - I'd be pissed if I had plunked down for a few games or had gift cards I couldn't use, but it is obviously rough on the Game employes too.

  2. This might be of some interest to you:


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