Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Risen 2 Gameplay Trailers

PS3 Trophies have published three new gameplay trailers for Risen 2: Dark Waters. The trailers introduce the Patty, daughter of Captain Steelbeard, who also doubles up as a potential love interest, a Kraken-type monster called the Sunken One, and a stolen golem-the Earth Titan.

Whilst the game has been getting significant hype, especially as more critics have had a chance to sample soeme of the gameplay themselves, sadly I'm rather underwhelmed by the graphics, which, if I'm being honest, look rather dated and shoddy. Also, I'm hoping that it is a vast improvement on the promising but somewhat disappointing Risen, which you can read my take on here.

Risen 2: Dark Waters is setting sail on the 22nd May in North America and the 25th May in Europe.

Check out the three gameplay trailers below. What are your impressions of the game after viewing these?

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