Sunday, 1 April 2012

NintyFans Contest Winners Announced

The deviantART Nintendo fan group that I founded and continue to moderate (called NintyFans) recently held a contest for it's 5,000 members to participate in.

Entitled "8-Bit Heroes", the idea was to create a piece that showed the artists love of retro Nintendo games. In a way, it is to celebrate the importance, and continued love, of these retro classics.

We had several entries, but these three were chosen as the three winning entries, which you can check out below.


"A Link To The Past" by Kurama-Chan



Congratulations to the three winners, and thank you to everyone who either participated in the contest, or contributed a prize!

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  1. The talent some people possess.......... WOW! These are great. Pass on my congratulations to the winners, please do!

    Sidenote: It's good to see support for iconic games (Mario, Zelda) continuing in other mediums. It's actually great advertising for Nintendo, not that people realise!


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