Friday, 22 June 2012

Need For Speed Film In The Works

Move over The Fast and the Furious...there's a contender on it's way. Dreamworks Studios have acquired the film rights for EA's racing franchise, Need for Speed

Director Scott Waugh is rumoured to be in talks about the film, whilst George and John Gatins are penning the script. According to the press release, the film will be "rooted in tradition of the great car culture films of the 70s while being extremely faithful to the spirit of the video game franchise."

The film starts shooting early next year, and is due for a release sometime in 2014. Now we all know how video game to film adaptations can be pretty rubbish (I'm looking at YOU Resident Evil, House of the Dead, and so on...) but could this break the mould? Only time will tell I guess.

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