Saturday, 22 June 2013

Giveaway Closing Soon & Updates!

Hello all,

Giveaway Deadline Approaching!
So far, I have been flooded with entries to my first giveaway of a planned set (a Qwertee tees one follows shortly after!).

However, it is not too late to enter.

If you would like to stand the chance of being one of eight winners of a selection of fantastic prizes from some game loving artists, then enter here:

The link above also has the full list of prizes. Please spread the word!

The more people that enter, the more likely I will hold more giveaways!

More Content Planned for 8-Bit Girl Soon!

As many of you will know by now, I've been incredibly busy as of late. Now that my move is over and I've got some time away from some of my freelance work for a short period, I can devote more time to getting 8-Bit Girl up and running again.

I am planning to post some more features (I love sharing unknown artists for one), Music Monday will be revived again, I'm sending off more requests for interviews, and I'll be doing a few more 'list' posts.

This is only a small section of what I have planned! I am also going to be featuring on a podcast shortly. Not my own though. I have thought about that, but I do not have the funds right now to buy the correct equipment for staging regular podcasts. The same goes for recording 'Let's Play' videos on YouTube, but then there are so many people who do that nowadays, do you really need to see mine?

I'm a little camera shy, so me presenting to the camera on YouTube for now is a no-no, but podcast? Sure. Sometime in the future, when I can get the right equipment! 

So that's all for now. I look forward to posting more soon! Get entering my giveaway, readers!

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