Thursday, 31 July 2014

An Update on my Inactivity...

Hello everyone,

I need to apologise, as my last post was published back in May! 

A some of you may be aware, I'm working full time as a copywriter, then freelancing (both writing and as a social media marketer/content provider) in the evening, so it leaves me little time for blog posts.

However, if you are all OK with being patient and expecting random posts every so often, I am happy to carry on! 

I have a review of exploration game Gone Home to review shortly. I'll be posting that soon! (in the next couple of days, hopefully!)

In the meantime, catch me on Twitter: @8_BitGirl. 

Thanks for being so patient, and I'm happy so many of you are still commenting on my posts!

Kayleigh x


  1. I'm very patient. I refresh your website every day to see if you updated.

    jk, I use an RSS reader, FeedDemon. Take your time, no need to push yourself.

    1. Thanks! Finally finding a little time to work on some posts! :)

  2. Oh hey, I'm doing the same exact thing! No joke, I'm a full-time copywriter at a marketing agency and still do freelancing in the evenings for my old clients. I've been doing my blogging during the weekend and auto-scheduling the posts in advance but sometimes I just want a break from all the writing. x_x Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! I definitely feel you there! :)


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