Wednesday, 15 March 2017

8-Bit Girl's Playlists!

Music is one of my greatest loves. Several types of rock music always take the top spots for me, but I'm also into a nice mix of other genres too. 

I'm prepping for a flight to Phoenix this weekend, and wanted to get some new music ready to listen to on the 15 hour flight (ouch). So, I created a bunch of new playlists, and sort of went a little overboard with the amount I made! 

In case you're wondering what music I'm into, or would like to take a listen and follow yourself, here's my latest Spotify playlists:

Kayleigh's Favourite Tunes

With a current running time of almost 13 hours, I've got a lot of favourite songs! This playlist is pretty mixed, so give it a shot.

8-Bit Girl's Gaming Playlist

Seeing as 8-Bit Girl is predominantly a gaming blog, it only made sense to make a gaming playlist! This one's still a work in progress, so check back soon for more updates.

100% Grohl
I love Dave Grohl, so I thought I'd create a playlist with some of my favourite tracks from him in the various bands/projects he's been a part of. This is still a work in progress, so check back.

Total Rock: 90's & Beyond

As I mentioned previously, rock in it's many forms is my favourite genre of music, so I split my favourite rock tracks into two playlists. Here's the more modern of the two.

Total Rock: 60s-80s

...and here's the classic rock one!

Kayleigh's Beatles Faves

The Beatles are one of my favourite bands, and I often find myself listening to them often. Here's some of my favourite tracks from their massive back catalog.

Disney Favourites

I think it's pretty obvious if you follow me on Twitter, but I'm a massive Disney nerd (or Disnerds, for short). Here's some of my favourite Disney tracks!

Inspired By...

I decided to collate a playlist with some of my favourite cover songs, or tracks inspired by movies, games, TV, etc.

Late Night Listens 

I wanted to put together a playlist comprising of tracks that are OK to pop in on the background, or relax to in the evening. It's a bit of a mixed bag this one, so give it a go!


Like 'Late Night Listens', this is a good one to pop on when you don't want things to distract you too much. Filled with instrumental tunes, I think that's perfect for when you need background music.

80s Classics

Everyone needs a bit of 80s cheese in their lives (maybe). :)

The Holiday Playlists
I also have a Christmas and Halloween one!

Happy listening. Let me know here, or on Twitter if you have any track suggestions!

8-Bit Girl

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