Thursday, 4 January 2018

I'm a shortlisted finalist for the UK Blog Awards!

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had very happy holidays.

I'm starting 2018 off with some great news. I've made it as a shortlisted finalist for the Digital & Tech category of the UK Blog Awards! I never publicised that I had entered this, so finding out that so many of you had voted for me, and got me this far has been fantastic.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support, whether it was right here on the blog, or via Twitter or my Facebook. It's been fun keeping this up since 2011. Let's keep that one going, right?

I'm up there along with some brilliant digital and tech blogs, so even if I didn't get any further than this, I'm pretty chuffed.

Check out the complete list of shortlisted finalists here.

And...wish me luck!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An Interview with Raymond Croft

I've been a massive Tomb Raider fan from the beginning, when my family picked up Tomb Raider 1 on the Playstation 1 upon it's release. There was something about the series that has already appealed to me; whether that be Lara's archeological roots (I'm a History geek, through and through), or the fact that this was one of the first female video game characters I truly admired.

Whilst Lara has seen several transformations over the years, most notably, 2013's reboot, a strong fanbase has remained at its core. Cosplayers make up a large part of this, and throughout my time of being a part of this community, there's several cosplayers that definitely stand out and make an impression. One of these is Raymond Croft, bringing his male version of Croft to life for the past three years now. I reached out to him, and had a chat about all things Tomb Raider.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween - Video Games You're Playing!

It's the spookiest time of the year - Halloween!

Whilst I myself am working a late shift today and won't be around much to endulge in any Halloween-themed activities, plenty of you have told me what games you're planning on playing for the occasion. 

If I wasn't working though, I'd be diving back into Left 4 Dead, checking out some of the on-the-rails shooters the Wii had (Umbrella Chronicles, House of the Dead), and playing through one of the Resident Evil games again. Oh, and let's not forget the Halloween event in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Here's just some of your comments when I asked you all what you're planning to play! How many of these do you agree with?

Monday, 30 October 2017

My Japan Haul!

So, now my Japan travel diaries are out of the way, I intended to upload a video where I shared everything I bought out in Japan.

Sadly, I had some technical difficulties with my phone, so the clips I recorded couldn't be salvaged as apparently they had errored. Great! So, here's a photo of my haul instead. I forgot to include my silk Koi bomber jacket into the photo (but you can see this below in a separate image), and two Tsum Tsums - a bumblebee Piglet, and a Sleeping Beauty one, but everything else is present!

Here's that bomber jacket I mentioned above. I bought this in Harajuku!

Thanks for reading all of my Japan honeymoon blogs. I had such an amazing time, and would definitely urge any of you to check out that country. You'll love it!

8-Bit Girl x

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 13 - Last Day!

Today was our last day in Japan! Whilst we were sad to come home, it's been a fantastic trip. We managed to cram an awful lot into just under 2 weeks, so we knew we were going home satisfied that we made the most of it. 

As we spent a chunk of the day packing up our belongings ready for our 4am wake up, we didn't spend the whole day on the go this time. The weather was miserable, so we tried to dive into shops and arcades as much as we could. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 12 - Imperial Palace, and Shibuya

Our time in Kyoto was brief, we paid a flying visit to spend a day there yesterday, so day 12 was spent getting the bullet train back to Tokyo. 

I loved our traditional Japanese flat we stayed in the night before. Sleeping on flat rollout beds on the floor actually gave me such a good nights sleep, which I was surprised by. I'm a girl with a memory foam mattress at home, so I guess I just expected it was going to be a little too solid. We also enjoyed playing on the Nes in that room!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

My Japanese Honeymoon: Day 11 - Kyoto

We jumped on the Bullet Train again from Osaka to travel to Kyoto. We only had one day here, but I found Kyoto to be a peaceful, scenic and beautiful place to stay in. Our Air BnB was situated in a small village, around 10 minutes walk away from the Fushimi Inari Shrine. In this little village, all shops and restaurants appeared to close by 6pm, so it was a pretty low-key place to spend some time in.

We headed to the Fushimi Inari Shrine first, as this was billed as one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Kyoto. The shrine is made up of a long trek through 1000 gates, and its really impressive. I have trouble with my feet, so i was only able to make it halfway up the long trek through the gates to the highest point overlooking the mountains. My husband made it to the top, although even he admitted that it is incredibly steep and quite a challenge, but the views were worth it. 

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