Friday, 4 November 2011

Bathrobed zombie attacking fun in Saints Row: The Third

The latest instalment into the "Cherished Memories" batch of trailers for Saints Row: The Third has been released. Once again, craziness is prominent here, and features a bathrobe-wearing guy defending himself from a zombie hoard. Oh, and he is using a huge dildo as his zombie destroying weapon. Did I mention that it's crazy? I think that may have just proved it.

Here's what THQ had to say about their latest trailer:

"Ah, Steelport, the ultimate escape. Home to sinners, and now, to the Saints. As the Third Street Saints wrestle control of this seedy metropolis from the Syndicate in Saints Row: The Third, we look back on our fondest moments here, from eliminating a gang of ornery, stun gun-toting senior citizens, to skydiving naked into a Syndicate pool party. Sweet, sweet memories. 
 In our seventh Cherished Memory from Steelport, we defend ourselves from the zombie hordes while wearing our favorite bathrobe. Enjoy!"

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