Friday, 2 December 2011

Brink Free Play Weekend on Steam

That's right folks, this weekend Brink is free to play on Steam from now until Monday 10 AM PST.  

Those that play it this weekend can purchase it for a whopping 75% off, as part of a celebration between Brink's new clan and tournament features. Players will now be able to able to create and manage your own Brink clan on the website.  Once you have chosen a name for your clan and registered it, it will get a dedicated profile page, which will display a list of members and a breakdown of your clans statistics.  Using this page you will also be able to invite members and toggle your clans recruitment status, as well as set the privileges of the members within it.

Clan leaders will also be able to battle other clans in the brand new clan matches mode.  Once a match time has been agreed, Brink will automatically create a match set at that time and issue invites to the clan's members.  A leaderboard system will also be available, as well as a schedule which will remind players of their upcoming games. 

The outcome of the clan matches will determine the ranks of both participating clans.  The winning clans rank rises, while the losers drops.  All matches on the global clan ladder will be 5 vs 5 and shall use every map that the game has to offer, to keep the games varied and fair.

If you wish to create your own clan, or join a pre-existing one, visit for more information.

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