Saturday, 3 December 2011

OverClocked Remix Panel

Four of the UK team of OverClocked Remix were on hand to present a panel and performance at this Saturday's London Gaming Con

OverClocked Remix is an online community dedicated to the recognition of video game music as an art form. The panel started with a performance of the Pokemon Battle Theme, which had been transformed into a more rockier, metal type song. 

After the song had finished, the team introduced themselves as four of the admins who remix and moderate OCR. They stressed that  anyone can submit to OCR, which goes through to an approval process by the judges. If you make it through, your remix is available on the site. There are plenty of workshops available to view on the site to help out potential remixers. The team also stressed that the forum on the OCR website is the "most supportive community in the world."
The site also hosts interviews with remixers and composers, such as Danny B (composer of the music in Super Meat Boy), and David Wise (Donkey Kong Country). OCR is a completely free organisation that has released a number of albums, such as Sonic the Hedgehog-the Sound of Speed, Mega Man 9: Back in Blue, and Pokemon Missingno.

A great thing is that many of OCR's remixes and composers have made it into actual gaming titles, such as in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, God of War: The Ghost of Sparta and Mass Effect 2.
After discussing their website for a while, the team then initiated a short contest, which involved listening to a few clips of some of their remixes, and answering questions about each one. The first one to put their hand up in the air and shout out the answer wins one of their CDs. So, guess who won one? Me and Lewis Terry, who thankfully has a much louder voice than me and managed to get their attention. We had to answer a question on who created a particular Zelda remix. Many answered with "System of a Down", but we knew it was Rabbit Joint. Woo! 

This is what we won-Donkey Kong Country 2 (Diddy Kong Quest): Serious Monkey Business:

The panel was ended with a Sonic remix and the battle theme for Final Fantasy 7, both of which sounded brilliant on the guitar. You can check out the Sonic one below. Apologies for the shaky hands and the poor sound quality-recording on a Blackberry has never been my forte.
I urge you to check out the remixes on the website, which you can find here

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