Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bitesize Review: Smash To Bits

Looking for a game to let out your frustrations on? Well, Smash To Bits allows you to do just that. The game, which creator Patrick Gonzales describes as bringing out the "destructive little kid in all of us", allows players to throw objects around the on-screen vicinity.
Each object has different physical properties and weight, and will break apart in different ways each time they're thrown. Objects will smash differently, depending on how much force you put into each throw. Points will be scored depending on how the objects have been smashed, so the objective is to rack up a high score. 
Whilst Smash To Bits is fun, and the simplistic retro-style graphics and soundtrack work well, I did get the feeling of it being a little repetitive after a while, especially as there isn't really that much to the game as a whole. However, if you are looking for a cheap, simple stress reliever to try out on your iPod Touch/iPhone, then go ahead and give Smash To Bits a go. 

Check out Smash To Bits in the iTunes Store.

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