Sunday, 29 January 2012

Help Me Out: I need Resident Evil Fans Opinions!

Hello all,

Many of you may remember that I had started studying for a Freelance Journalism Diploma from the British College of Journalism last Monday. The course is going brilliantly so far, and my first assignment was to come up with three article ideas which I had to create from reading a news piece I had chosen.

I had decided to base my article ideas on a news post about the recently released Resident Evil Revelations. My tutor liked all three of my ideas, but sadly I can only choose one to actually develop into an article in my next assignment.

The article I've chosen (I'm not giving away the title right now) will be featuring some of the scariest moments in Resident Evil history.
Whilst I shall be making the list, I wanted to get some involvement from other people, to make it much less personal. Whilst I am currently in the process of attempting to get some quotations from Capcom's/Resident Evil's press team (hopefully a developer or two?), I also want to include you guys-the fans

Whilst I cannot include everybody, I wish to include a quote or two from some of you about your scariest moments in Resident Evil. If your comment relates to one of the moments I've decided to feature, well...I may just pick you.

As for actually seeing my article? As of now, I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen to it, so don't expect to see anything on 8-Bit Girl for a while. It may even be the end of the course before I am able to release it, etc. We shall see. I'd just love the help from some of my Resident Evil readers. :)

So if you wish me to hear about your scariest moment in Resident Evil, then please email me at

I'm expecting a lot of emails, so don't get disheartened if I do not reply for a while. I will indeed get in touch to thank you in due time! Also, please do not make your comment go on for ages . A simple sentence or two is all I require. I will not be able to include an essay-long comment, so you'll be wasting your time a little there!

Thank you so much for your help,


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