Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Trials Evolution Trailer Released

RedLynx have released a new trailer for Trials Evolution, which shows off some of the crazy gameplay. 

The game, slated for a release on the 18th April on the Xbox 360 Arcade brings players 60 new solo tracks, and 10 new challenges that seem even crazier than those in the original Trials HD. For example, challenges range from flying in a UFO to constantly blowing up a rider in the aim to reach the finish line. 

One of the changes that the trailer hints at is the 4 player race, where four players get to traverse through one of the many crazy levels all at the same time. Those familiar with the gameplay of Trials will realise how insane, but no doubt hysterical, this inclusion will be.

Check out the trailer below!


  1. I am really skeptical on this title. Everything I have read sounds promising, but a) like you said - the visuals are underwhelming in my opinion as well and b) I really wanted to like Risen for the 360, and I kept reading the mediocre reviews on it and thought: Nah, it'll be good.

    And I gave up about 20-25 hours into it. I just could not get into the game at all. :(

    1. I think you were meant to post this on the Risen: Dark Waters news post instead of here on the Trials Evolution one. :P

      Anyway, to reply to your comment, I agree, the visuals are incredibly underwhelming, but I'm really hoping that they improve on the story, gameplay and set up. The inclusion of a map that actually works would be a huge bonus.

      As for Risen, I really wanted to like it, and I honestly did...for a while. Sadly it wore off after a few hours and I just couldn't get into the game, due to it's buggy-ness and general dull feeling.


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